Google Buying Over 50 New Domains Including .Google, .LOL, and .Docs

Posted Jun 1, 2012

Google Inc. has announced that they will be buying specific top level domains that they are applying for. These top level domains include .google, .docs, .youtube, and .lol. Google applied for over 50 top-level domain names in total. Each application is going to cost Google an $185,000 application fee, which will add up to a cost of $9.25 million or more.

The top level domains window has been closed yesterday, which is a month and a half after the original close date. ICANN shut down process for several weeks after certain applicants were able to see the file names of other applicants’ applications. The new Internet infrastructure has been criticized by trade associations including the Association of National Advertisers.

ICANN received over 1,900 applications, which would bring in an estimated $350 million in application fees. Google is putting .YouTube into a category of domain names that will be meant to “improve user experience.”

Google says that the .YouTube top level domain name “can increase the ease with which YouTube channels and genres can be identified.” Google is spending millions of dollars into adding original programming on YouTube.

ICANN will be unveiling their applications on June 13th. It is unclear which top level domains will be available on the web first.