Google Buys Cuil’s Patent Applications

Posted Feb 20, 2012

Cuil was a search engine that launched in July 2008 and it had generated way too much hype when it launched. People were excited by the fact that the search engine was launched by two former Google engineers and that they had an index that was supposedly much larger than the size of Google. Cuil raised $33 million between two rounds of funding. They completely lost their buzz in 2008 and I wrote about them one more time in 2010 when their website went offline. Now it appears that Google is buying the pending patent applications that Cuil filed for.

The company started going down-hill after Louis Monier left the company because of disagreements with Cuil co-founder Tom Costello. Google will be assigned 7 pending patents that have an execution date of February 4, 2011. Supposedly Cuil co-founder Anna Patterson returned to Google in September 2010 as the Director of Google Research. The patents appear to be focused on search interfaces such as how multiple tabs can be presented for various query terms using drop-downs.