Google Cardboard was an interesting demonstration at I/O

Posted Jun 27, 2014

At the Google I/O conference, Google revealed a piece of cardboard as part of a strange construction kit. It is called Google Cardboard.

Cardboard is a way to create an Oculus Rift like virtual reality viewer using an Android smartphone. Users can put together the Cardboard kits using corrugated cardboard, lenses, magnets, two strips of velcro and a rubber band. Above is what it looks like.

Two Google employees at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris built Cardboard as part of its 20% project. Since the VR Toolkit is experimental, it will not get the same level of quality and support that Google offers to other Android SDKs and libraries.

Google has warned that the toolkit’s contents may change or break without warning. What an interesting way to experiment with virtual reality.