Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Is In Favor Of Facebook Home

Posted Apr 16, 2013

Google chairman Eric Schmidt was on stage at the Dive Into Mobile conference hosted by AllThingsD.  While on stage, Schmidt gave his candid opinion on Android iterations like Facebook Home and the Kindle OS. Despite the negative reviews on Google Play, Schmidt fortunately said he loves it.

?I think it?s fantastic ? I love it,? said Schmidt on stage as quoted by VentureBeat. ?This is what open source is about. Open source is open source. It?s experimentation, it?s creativity. ? I think it?s one of the main reasons that Android is doing so well right now. And it took some guts to do it.? Facebook Home uses a customized version of the Android mobile operating system that puts the social network at the forefront of the operating system. I actually imagined that Google would not appreciate this type of operating system take-over.

Facebook Home was made available on certain Android phones last Friday.