Google Chrome 28 Browser Now Has Richer Notifications

Posted Jul 10, 2013

On Tuesday, Google released a new version of the Google Chrome browser.  Google Chrome 28 has a notification center, but it is only available on Windows and Chrome OS right now.  You can update to the new version of Chrome using the built-in updated or it can be downloaded directly from  This is the first version of Chrome that uses Blink rather than WebKit.  Google updated Chrome to version 28 on Linux first on June 17th.  Richer notifications will be coming to the Mac soon.

“We?ve designed these notifications to be beautiful, useful and engaging,” stated Product Manager and Nifty Notifier Googler Somas Thyagaraja.  “They can display formatted text and images, and can include actions directly inside the pop-up (so you can respond to that email right away).”

The notifications that come from the apps and extensions can be formatted to display images and text along with actions that appear within the pop-up.  Even though Chrome and Chrome OS already have basic web notifications, rich notifications for Chrome’s packaged apps and extensions are much more engaging.  These notifications can appear even when the browser is not open.

Example of richer notifications in Chrome for Windows:

Developers can start creating rich notifications in their apps or extensions now.  Google released documentation and a Notify Test App to learn about how to build and deploy the richer notifications.  Google is offering code support on Stack Overflow, a mailing list, and issue tracker, according to TheNextWeb.  The notifications can be adjusted using a list type so that a mail application can show multiple unread e-mails.