Google Chrome Browser Now Has 7% Market Share

Posted Jun 1, 2010

Google Chrome, the web browser designed by Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has hit a 7.05% market share mark according to Net Applications. Microsoft Internet Explorer fell to 59.7% from 60% through April. Mozilla Firefox has 24.35% market share, down from 24.59%. And Apple Safari increased to 4.77% from 4.72% this past May. If Chrome increases 1% every two months, then they will have a 10% market share by December 1st.

Safari’s market share is expected to increase as the popularity of the iPad continues to grow. Within the last 60 days, over 2 million iPads have been sold. Google Chrome launched in September 2008 and it had a 1.6% market share through March 2009. Another way that Google Chrome is expected to increase when the Google Chrome Operating System is released for netbooks. [eWeek]