Google Chrome for Windows Gets Rich Notifications

Posted May 24, 2013

Google has added notifications to the Google Chrome browser for Windows.  Google Chrome will also get a Notification Center that can be viewed outside of the browser.  Users can see all of the notifications that they missed through the new Notification Center.

“When you?re surfing the web, you can get so immersed that you might not realize you?re late for a meeting or that someone messaged you in another chat window. A couple years ago, we created a way for notifications to appear outside the browser window. Starting in today?s Beta channel release, we?re enabling Chrome apps and extensions to show richer notifications with a revamped user interface (as well as under the hood — developers can learn more on the Chromium blog),” said Google on the Google Chrome blog.

If the notifications get too overwhelming, you can disable the notifications from any source whenever you wish.

By downloading Chrome Beta, you can preview the features on Windows.  The Mac version of the service is coming soon.