Google Chrome Is The Most Secure Web Browser [STUDY]

Posted Dec 10, 2011

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has something to be proud of. Google Chrome is now the number two most used browser in the world and security research company Accuvant named Chrome the most secure browser out of the top three.

“Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer implement state-of-the-art anti-exploitation technologies, but Mozilla Firefox lags behind without JIT hardening,” said Accuvant in their study. The Google Chrome plug-in security and sandboxing architecture have been implemented in a more thorough and comprehensive manner according to the study.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was ranked number two due to their deficiencies in implementing sandboxing and JIT hardening. Firefox came in third because they have no implemented these two key features together. The study also found that the average patch time for Chrome was 53 days whereas Firefox was 158 and Internet Explorer was 214 days.

The interesting part of this study is that it was funded by Google themselves. Despite this potential conflict of interest, I still like the Google Chrome browser the best myself. It has been the fastest for me and it has rarely crashed for me. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox crashed on me all the time.