Google Chrome Now Has Over 30 Million Users

Posted Nov 2, 2009

Google’s web browser is growing by leaps and bounds. According to TechCrunch, the browser is now being used by over roughly 30 million people. In October, the browser grew at a faster pace than Firefox did. Granted Firefox has a lot more overall users but Chrome is still a new player in the web browser market. Google even has TV advertisement spots for the browser that is sometimes played on Hulu too.

The Chrome team also won a Founder’s Award for their efforts over at Google. This means that the team may get some additional stock options with Google. Overall Firefox has 330 million users and Google Chrome has about 3.58% market share. This means that Google Chrome is close to passing the market share of Apple Safari. If Google Chrome continues to grow at its current rate of 0.4% every month, it will pass Safari in February 2010.