Google Chrome Now Supporting Basic Greasemonkey

Posted Oct 19, 2008

The Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Chrome browser is slowly penetrating the browser market and taking away users from Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.  One of the major reasons why Google Chrome has not taken away a lot of market share from Firefox as of yet is because of it’s lack of script add-ons.

However, GHacks announced that a basic version of Greasemonkey is now supported by a beta build of the Google browser.  Those who want to use Greasemonkey on Chrome have to place the scripts in C:scripts and the parameter, -enable-greasemonkey has to be appended into Chrome’s program shortcut.  The scripts will only work on domains that are handled by @include metadata.

The creator of Greasemonkey, Aaron Boodman is also a Google employee.  To download the Greasemonkey-supported version of Chrome, visit BuildBot.