Google Chrome Reaches 2 Million U.S. Users In First Week Of Release; Launches Dev Channel

Posted Sep 18, 2008

In Google Chrome’s first week of release, over 2 million people downloaded the new browser software.  This was based on a study conducted by Nielsen Online.  From September 1st to the 7th, 1.93 million people visited the Thank You page associated with installing the browser.  That comes out to 1.4% of Internet users in the U.S.

“The interest in all things Google was apparent in the online discussion surrounding the somewhat-unexpected Chrome launch,” stated Jon Stewart, a Research Director of Technology and Search over at Nielsen. “The browser was mentioned in nearly 1 percent of all online discussions the day after its launch–a respectable slightly-more-than-half of what the highly anticipated iPhone 3G generated when it launched earlier this summer [CNET].”

This past Tuesday, Google started Chrome Dev Channel.  This allows users to switch between a stable version of the browser or get the latest updates as implemented.  These tool is useful for anyone that wants to help Google making Chrome better.  This is also good for web developers that want to make sure their sites are compatible with the new browser patches that Google creates for Chrome.

Updates on the Dev Channel are sent out every 2 weeks.  The first patch on the Dev Channel was Build 1251.  Build 1251 ensured the compatibility of Microsoft Silverlight in the browser along with YouTube and other Flash displays.