Google Chrome Version Released

Posted Oct 30, 2008

The Google Chrome team has released a new version of their browser software.  The new version comes with security updates, top issues repaired, and a change on how things work.  

Many pop-ups will spoof a user to close a window, but it turns out that it is actually part of the advertisement.  A new feature has been created to prevent people from being fooled.

Top Issues That Have Been Repaired
– Touchpad scrolling on laptops
 Plugins like Flash, Silverlight, Quicktime, and Windows Media are now working.
– “Chrome has crashed” message has been changed.
– No longer store information from logging into secure sites (https)
– Improved reliability for those on web proxies

UI Changes
– New tab/window/incognito window has been moved to a new menu called “Customize and control Google Chrome” instead of “Control the current page.”
Spell checker works on text input fields and words can be “added to the dictionary.”
Temporary downloaded files are called .download files.  After the file saving is complete, the file extension is converted to the appropriate type. 

To download the newest version of Chrome, click here.  Download the newest version, then click on About Google Chrome and tell the browser to update.