Google Chromecast lets you share photos from iOS devices now

Posted Mar 25, 2014

If you have a Google Chromecast and an iOS device, you will now be able to share photos. Google’s Photowall for Chromecast launched on Sunday. The app lets Chromecast users create interactive photo collages and beam them on TVs. Google said that Photowall is experimental right now.

The app can be used to draw or write on images before beaming them on the TV. There is also a Google Chromecast browser extension for Chrome that lets desktop users view or collaborate on existing collages even if they do not have a Chromecast.

After a gallery is complete, Photowall automatically creates a YouTube video. Last month, Google launched a Chromecast software development kit and released a number of sample apps on GitHub. Photowall is currently only supported on iOS.

[Source: Mashable]