Google “Conversational Search” Arrives On Chrome 27

Posted May 25, 2013

Google has launched the “conversational search” feature on the Chrome browser for Mac, Windows, Linux on version 27 of the browser.  The “conversational search” feature is similar to how voice search and Google Now apps on Android and iOS devices work.  This feature allows users to ask Google questions by “talking” to the search engine using words and phrases.  This spares your fingers from having to constantly type in search keywords.  Google responds in a natural human-like way.

Even though the Google search bar featured a microphone icon since voice search launched in 2011, the microphone icon now launches the “conversational search” feature.  Google will prompt the user to grant them permission to use your microphone.  Once you give permission for the microphone, you can start asking Google questions.  Google will display the results with a voice answering the query.

The “conversational search” feature also shows cards similar to Google Now at the top of search results.  Let’s say that you “how do I get to the Grand Canyon,” the card will show directions and the commute time, which can be expanded with details on Google Maps.  You can also ask “what is the weather for tomorrow?” and it will show a weather card.  When you are signed into Google, you can use “conversational search” for searching events on your Google Calendar.

Let’s say that the “conversational search” is not able to provide a voice reply, it will simply show the search results in a standard way.