Google Creates A “Save To Drive” Button

Posted May 9, 2013

Today Google has announced a feature that lets you quickly save files from the Web on into your Google Drive account.  This could include photos, PDFs, e-books, etc.  It will be as easy as a couple clicks of a button.  Google Drive users can click on the “Save to Drive” button to save files instantly said the company in a blog post.

“We surf the Web for a million different reasons — for everything from school research projects to time-killing memes,” said Google Drive and Google Apps developer advocate Nicolas Garnier. “And when we find something relevant for us, whether that be our most recent pay stub or just an adorably awesome pic, we may want to save it for later reference or to share with friends in the future.”

Currently there are just a handful of websites that have the “Save to Drive” button integrated so far.  When clicking on the button, a dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the decision to save the file.  Clicking on save again will show the file at the top of the “My Drive” section of Google Drive.

The Save To Drive button is supported on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft’s IE 9 / IE 10.  Some of the websites that have the Google Drive Share button already includes O’Reilly, Outbox, Zen Payroll, Delta Dental, and Bigstock.