Google Docs Gets An Equation Editor

Posted Sep 28, 2009

This past summer, interns at Google designed an equation editor for Google Docs. This makes it easy to easily complete math problems and write papers. It also makes it easier to take notes while in class because symbols such as derivatives and fractions. Google Docs also has subscripts and superscripts for writing chemical compounds and algebraic expressions.

Google Docs has added several additional features too. The service now also has translations features. Either single words or entire documents can be translated. This makes it useful for writing foreign language essays. Anyone that wants to make surveys using Google Docs can create a “Go to page based on answer” option. This can also be used for making tests. If a person answers the question right, they can move on to the next question. Google Docs also added a footnotes and header notes function too.

The new features were announced by Google Docs Summer Interns Rita Chen and Stephanie Vezich on the official blog. Below is a video of the new feature.