Google Doodle Commemorates Cesar Chavez Today

Posted Mar 31, 2013

Cesar Chavez was a farm worker and civil rights activist that co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (now known as the United Farm Workers union) with Dolores Huerta.  Chavez was one of the most well known Latino American civil rights activists that was known for using aggressive, but nonviolent tactics.  Today Google has created a doodle that recognizes Chavez instead of choosing an Easter-themed doodle.

The reason why Google chose to use a picture of Chavez is because it would have been his 86th birthday today.  Google’s Doodle shows a picture of Chavez in the third letter of their company logo.  March 31st was his birthday and President Barack Obama signed that this would be Cesar Chavez Day going forward to recognize his work as an activist.

Despite the impact that Chavez made in the United States as an activist, many people are not happy that Google chose to commemorate him instead of Easter today.  But there are also number of people that support Google’s decision.  Google has not posted an Easter-related doodle since 2000.

Below are some tweets that do not support the doodle:

Dear @google today is the most important holiday in all of history. You chose the wrong doodle. #easter #cesarchavez

— John Corfee (@johncorfee) March 31, 2013

Google’s Doodle for today commerates Cesar Chavez who founded the National Farm Workers Assoc.i’d go w\ “Easter” next time.

— Paul J. Pamer (@pjpamer) March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, Google. Nice Doodle. So it’s Chavez today, for real? Ok then.Settings>Search>Default>Bing>Save Changes.

— Michael Krempasky (@krempasky) March 31, 2013

Here are some tweets that are in support of the doodle:

I love that Google has Cesar Chavez’s 86th Birthday as their doodle today instead of Easter!

— Verity Verity (@Enenvee) March 31, 2013

To the religious folks complaining that Google’s doodle is not celebrating Easter, I ask: Why does it matter? As long as YOU celebrate it…

— Marc Lombardi (@marclombardi) March 31, 2013

So we’re clear on today’s Cesar Chavez Doodle: #Google hasn’t had an Easter #Doodle for 13 years. Stop being anti-Latino.

— Latin Rapper (@latinrapper) March 31, 2013