How Google Drive Will Be Integrated With Lucidchart

Posted Apr 13, 2012

Late last month, it was rumored that Google will be launching Google Drive in early April. That has not come true yet, but we do know that Google Drive will be coming out sometime soon. This is evidenced by a screenshot of a landing page that used to be on Lucidchart. Google’s cloud storage service would automatically sync documents into the cloud from Lucidchart.

Lucidchart’s CEO Karl Sun used to work at Google. Sun was responsible for pushing Google’s move into China and he also founded the patent department at the company. His relationship to Google continued after he departed to work at the company’s philanthropic arm,

Lucidchart clearly has access to the Google Drive service, which means that Google is currently only working with a limited number of partners right now. When the final product will be available for everybody is anybody’s guess at this point.