Google Drive Offline Arriving In 5 Weeks

Posted Jun 1, 2012

At the 10th D conference, Google?s Senior Vice President of Chrome Sundar Pichai took the stage. At the conference, Pichai provided an discussed convergence, Android, and Chrome OS. He pointed out that Google Drive offline was arriving “in five weeks.” He did not indicate whether it would be an offline version of Google Docs being integrated into Google Drive or if you have the ability to view documents on the Google Drive.

“It’s a natural evolution. Users like the familiarity. Sometimes wanting to be full-screen; if you’re watching YouTube or Netflix, you want to be immersed. It’s important to remember that we release a new version every six weeks; contrast that with Windows! Google Drive offline is coming five weeks from today,? said Pichai.

“Android is extremely successful, we couldn’t be more proud of it. We have exciting steps ahead with tablets, too. There are many instances where people spend all of their time in the browser. The notion that, for the first time, your experience is in the cloud. You still run on a local device — CPU, SSD, etc. — but the notion that your computer is actually in the cloud enables zero administration. From a web console, you can deploy and manage apps — there’s no installing software, etc.

I think what is important between Android and Chrome OS — with users, it makes sense. Look at Apple, there’s MacBooks and iPhone, they use different operating systems. Convergence will happen, sure. But look at Gmail — you go from a Chromebook to Android, and it just works.”