Google Earth Now Has Ocean, Mars, Touring, and Historial Imagery

Posted Feb 2, 2009

John Hanke, Director of Google Earth and Maps announced today at the California Academy of Sciences that a new version of Google Earth has been released.  Starting today, Google Earth will have a more detailed ocean (bathymetric map) available.  The oceanfloor on Google Earth will be available in 3D.  There will be thousands of data points, images, and videos available on the new Google Earth.  For those who like to surf, Google Earth will show where the best places to do so are.

Organizations joining Google on this project includes the National Geographic, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, the U.S. Navy, Scripps Oceanography, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  Dr. Sylvia Earle was the inspiration for the creation of the ocean feature on Google Earth.

Google Earth added historical imagery, touring, and a 3D map of Mars to the new version of the software.  The historical imagery is based mostly in the U.S.  The Touring Google Earth feature allows users to create sharable fly-through tours by clicking the record button to the different tour destinations.  And by selecting the Mars button from the toolbar, you will be able to see a 3D map of our neighboring planet including 3D terrain and landing sites.

The new version of Google Earth is version 5.0, bumped up from 4.3.