Google Employee Jason Shugars Quits And Sends Out Funny E-mail: ?SO LONG, SUCKERS!?

Posted Feb 24, 2009

In these pressing times when you hear about lay-offs constantly, it is rather difficult to breed job loyalty out of people.  Especially when some people are hanging by a string compared to others.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t lose your sense of humor.  Jason Shugars quit Google and sent a funny e-mail before he left.  “So long, suckers! I’m out!” stated Jason in the e-mail sent to 5,000 of his former fellow Google employees.

In the rest of the goodbye e-mail, Shugars reminisced about good times working at the search engine company.  This includes the time when he put cake down his pants at a sales conference.  He also stole his boss’ $8,000 leather couch.  And he also sang “Hit Me Baby One More Time” while wearing a mini-skirt and braids.

“It took me a long time to write it,” stated Shugars.  “I didn’t want to send out a stale ‘good working with you, please reach me here’ e-mail. Who wants that?”  Shugars, 34, left Google to become Director of Ad Operations of Imeem.  Imeem is a music social media company that receives abou 25 million visitors per month and gains about 65,000 new users per day.

Below is a video of Shugars being featured on The Today Show.

[via L.A. Times]

Below is the full e-mail he sent out (via TheShugars):

My Goodbye Email.
Well I’m almost done here at the GOOG. It’s been a helluva ride, and I’m super grateful for the chance to work with incredible people in an incredible environment.

Here’s the goodbye email I sent out yesterday if you’re interested…

Subject: So long suckers! I’m out!
Message Body:

Ha ha! Just kidding! Sort of.
When thinking of writing my goodbye email, I actually debated writing anything at all.
For a company this size it seems a bit ridiculous, but what the hell.
Here goes…

As I’m sitting here at work 5:17 PM on the Wednesday of my last week at Google, quaffing Bud Light, and blasting music (N.W.A.) from my computer speakers, I cannot help but think of how good this little ole place has been to little ole me.
The flood of good memories vastly outweighs the bad. It’s only been 4.5 years but thanks to Google I’ve managed to pack a lot of living into that time.

Some fond memories and highlights I leave with:

– Moving from one building to the next every 6 months and yet always having a window, an office, and a kick ass coworker to share it with. I’ve racked up good office karma and I’m not sure how exactly.
– Putting cake down my pants in front of a crowd of my “peers” for $100. Thank you 1st Sales Conference and copious amounts of cheap wine.
– Stealing Omid’s comfy leather couch on accident. Somehow we really imagined no one wanted an $8000 leather sofa. Lesson learned: Crime DOES pay…and how! Thanks again Omid.
– Traveling to over 15 different countries preaching the gospel of Compliance to the masses. That’s a lot of traveling in 3 years for a guy who’d never been out of North America.
– Living in Sydney, Australia for 7 months. One of the loveliest cities on the planet with some of my favorite people in the world…strangely enough most of them Irish or Kiwis. Well, ok. You Aussies are pretty choice too. 😉
– Helping build the world-class Asia Pacific & Latin America (APLA) sales operations organization. Boy that’s a mouthful! Love all the damned acronyms. Not.
– Thursday Happy Hours or TGIAF in the Sun Room and Blue Room dishing dirt on each other, getting tipsy, creating profiles for outraged coworkers, and quaffing strange liquor from exotic locales.
– Singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” in a mini-skirt and braids to a crowd of my “peers”. Ha ha. Peers. Again, I love it.
– Seeing dignitary after dignitary stroll through Google week after week, month after month, year after year. I damned well didn’t see every one of them, hear every one of them, or take pictures with any of them and put the pictures on my cube wall like I’m famous or something…but I loved working at a company where I had the opportunity to do so if I wanted.
– And many more…like the incident at last years sales conference, which I REFUSE to mention. Too much scotch, not enough dinner, and a bathroom floor. EPIC FAIL.

So I leave the Google in your well-manicured hands! Take care of her. She’s been good to me and I’ll really miss her.
The next generation with their MBA’s, blue shirts, and tan slacks have arrived and it’s time for one such as me to depart.
Don’t forget the sunscreen, work harder better faster stronger, it’s the circle of life, scale new heights without me, the children are the future, etc. and so on.

My last day is Friday May 23rd.
Drinks tonight at The Sports Page. Join me for a cold one. 5:30 PM.

Jason Adrian Shugars
P.S. I’ve been offended by not getting people’s farewell emails before, but now, facing up to the task of not spamming and not leaving anyone out, I see it’s a daunting one.
If this reached you and you don’t give a hoot that I’m leaving, sorry for the spam. If this was forwarded to you and you’re offended at being left off the list, sorry as well. (Thanks Rich for the quote!)
P.P.S. Contact details:, 619-459-4201.