Google Ends Print Advertising Program

Posted Jan 21, 2009

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) will be ending their Print Ads service.  Google launched the Prints Ads service through Google AdWords in November 2006.  Google launched this program with 50 newspaper partners on board.  Spencer Spinnell, Director of Print Ads for Google announced in a blog post that the program will officially halt on February 2008.  Campaigns that are already booked will run up until March 31.

About 800 newspaper companies including The New York Times, Hearst, and Scripps joined the program since they started it.

“While we hoped that Print Ads would create a new revenue stream for newspapers and produce more relevant advertising for consumers, the product has not created the impact that we ? or our partners ? wanted,” wrote Spinnell on the Google Traditional Media blog.

Spinnell mentioned that Google will try to help newspaper companies as best as they can.  However several newspaper companies have accused Google for copyright infringement by listing snippets of content on Google News without permission.

This is one of many services that Google has decided to fold recently.  Google Video stopped supporting uploads. And Jaiku, Mashup Editor, Dodgeball, Catalog Search, and Google Notebook will all be shutting down.