Google Ends Up Having To Defend Their Net Neutrality Proposal With Verizon

Posted Aug 13, 2010

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) have both made a proposal to regulate broadband in the United States. The problem with the proposal is that, both companies may not have properly explained what they had in mind. This is why Google is attempting to dispel myths around the proposal.

Google wrote a new blog post on their Public Policy Blog that contains facts about their network neutrality policy. Some of the myths include:
1.) Google has “sold out” on network neutrality
2.) The proposal represents a step backwards on the open Internet.
3.) The new proposal would eliminate network neutrality when using the Internet wirelessly.
4.) The proposal would let broadband providers cannibalize the public Internet.
5.) Google is working with Verizon on this initiative because of Android.
6.) Two companies are legislating the Internet’s future.

What do I think of this issue?
Personally I think that the whole proposal is ambiguous. Based on what I understand of the whole issue, I am against Google and Verizon’s partnership. The current Internet system we use in America is great. You can watch music videos, create websites, build your social media profiles without limitations, etc. Those who use the Internet for the wrong reasons (death threats, stalking, identity theft, etc.) is disciplined. The current system we have is great. Why change it? Why regulate anything? If I wanted regulated Internet, then I would move to China.

If Google and Verizon want to control the Internet and boast the benefits that it has, why not start a joint ISP? This way they can both make money from those who agree with what they have in mind.