Google Engineer Ivan Fratric Receives Award From Microsoft For Identifying A Bug

Posted Jul 16, 2013

Microsoft Corporation
has a bug bounty program and the first award was given to Google engineer Ivan Fratric.  Microsoft created several bug bounties late last month and it will run until the end of July.  The Internet Explorer 11 preview bug bounty offers awards that are up to $11,000 for critical vulnerabilities.

Katie Moussouris of Microsoft congratulated the Google employee on being the first to qualify for the IE11 bug bounty.  Often times Google employees report bugs to Microsoft staff.  The companies have a love-hate relationship because they intensely compete with each other and depend on each other at the same time.

“We have other researchers who have qualified for bounties under the IE11 program as well,” said Moussouris.

Around a dozen issues have been reported to Microsoft in the first two weeks since the bug bounty program launched.  This is more than they normally receive during an average month.