Google+ Enhances Photo Editing Tools

Posted Sep 13, 2013

Google has updated the photo editing tools in Google+.  The new photo editing tools are based on technology from Snapseed.  The new features include Auto Enhance, filters, and selective adjusting.

Auto Enhance: Auto Enhance lets you customize and fine tune these adjustments if you want to change around the look.

Selective Adjust: The selective adjust lets you make edits to specific parts of an image.  Skies can be made bluer and beaches can be made browner.

Filters: Google+ now has photo filters like Vintage, Drama, Retrolux, or Black and White.

To use the photo tools, open one of your photos in Chrome and click on Edit in the lightbox.  You can undo the changes and revert to the original image.  If you do not use the Chrome browser, you can crop and rotate your photos in Google+.   The Snapseed-inspired editing is also available on both Android and iOS.

[Source: Josh Haftel’s Google+]