Google Files A Complaint That Apple Is Withholding iOS 6 Source Code

Posted Nov 23, 2012

Samsung Electronics recently added the iPad Mini, fifth generation iPod Touch, and fourth-generation iPad to a list of devices that violate their patents in a lawsuit.  Now Motorola Mobility is considering adding the same devices to their patent lawsuit in the Southern District of Miami, Florida.

In order to determine whether Apple’s devices violate Motorola’s patents, Google would need to perform infringement analysis.  Google filed a motion complaining that Apple is withholding some of their source code for iOS 6, which is used on the latest iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Apple had allegedly promised to provide source code by November 30th, but that did not happen.

Patent blogger Florian Mueller wrote:

Google?s motion says that Apple ?has, at various times, promised to produce iOS source code by or ?shortly after? September 21st, by November 9th, and by November 30th?, but two months have passed now since the release of iOS 6 ?and almost four months after Apple released its most recent OSX software?, whose source code Google also wants to evaluate.