Google Finance Needs A Better Blog Post Aggregating Algorithm

Posted Apr 19, 2008

Blogs have important role in corporate affairs. The upper management of major corporations have started their own blogs to show that they are transparent. The importance of content published in blogs in epitomized by an occurence of when Engadget published an article related to iPhone and Leopard operating distribution delays, instantly knocking down market cap by $4 billion. After it was announced that the delays source was untrue, the share price went back up.

Google Finance aggregates blog posts that are relevant to the companies that they have profiles for. However, for Sequoia Capital, I noticed that there are irrelevant blog posts showing up. Blog posts that Google Finance aggregates for Sequoia Capital are primarily related to the Toyota Sequoia automobile.

What does this mean? Google Finance needs a new way to aggregate blog posts to filter out irrelevant content. Perhaps only detecting blog posts with the words “Sequoia” and “Capital” used consecutively. After all, if Sequoia invests in a company that they think is the next YouTube, I don’t want to be reading about Tundra/Sequoia/T100 New TRD LSD for sale/trade on YotaTech Forums.