Google Fixes Google+ User Name Review Policy

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Some Google+ users were upset to find out that their accounts were cancelled because of Google’s name restrictions. Google senior VP of social Vic Gundotra insisted that people used their real names when using the Google+ social network. He compared it to when a restaurant does not allow people in that do not wear shirts.

Google VP of Google+ Bradley Horowitz said that Google+ is changing their policy as soon as possible. The changes will be reflected within several weeks. Horowitz also apologized for how Google handled the Google+ user choice of names.

“We?ve noticed that many violations of the Google+ common name policy were in fact well-intentioned and inadvertent and for these users our process can be frustrating and disappointing. So we?re currently making a number of improvements to this process? specifically regarding how we notify these users that they?re not in compliance with Google+ policies and how we communicate the remedies available to them,” said Horowitz.

Google will give users a warning and a chance to correct their names before suspending accounts. If Google+ users are caught spamming or abusing the system, the account will be suspended immediately. Google will also indicate how a user can edit their name to conform to community standards.

Google has a huge interest in gathering celebrities and influential users to join their social network in an effort to compete against Twitter. Google is also ?looking at ways to improve the signup process to reduce the likelihood that users get themselves into a state that will later result in review.?

Horowitz also said that when a Google+ account is suspended, access to other Google products like Google Reader Gmail are not removed.