Google Testing Out A New Service Called Flight Explorer

Posted Dec 13, 2012

Google is testing out a new service called Flight Explorer.  The company has not made any official announcement about the service and it does not have a beta tag.  The Google Flight Explorer service detects your current location and places it in the “From” section.  It then appears to put the nearest country in the “To” section.  The default page shows the “lowest fares for trips of 3-5 days.”  There is a picture of the destination and a graph of the lowest prices to get you there based on data from the last few months.

Google seems to be taking a quiet approach when it comes to travel products ever since they acquired ITA Software.  Google started adding airline rates to their search results about a year ago.  A coalition of travel companies led by Expedia formed to fight against Google’s acquisition of ITA Software at the time of the acquisition.  ITA’s technology is used for the online searching of airline tickets.


[Source: TNW]