Google Games is Officially Confirmed

Posted Jul 22, 2011

Google has confirmed the existence of Google Games as a feature of Google+ in one of their help articles. Slash Gear reports that Google will provide APIs to third-party developers, and speculates that the game stream could collect Android game info and act as an online leaderboard. It appears that the games will be kept out of the main Google+ stream, as the help page says “if you’re looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream.”

Immediately separating the games from the real stream is certainly a step up from Facebook’s invasive game updates. As Slash Gear notes, if Google Games connects with Android games, Google+ may have exactly what it takes to surpass Facebook. After all, hasn’t Google+ been about connecting everything together? Given Google+’s automatic photo uploading feature, a little Android game connectivity seems like an obvious step.

The link on the help page has already disappeared, but since this is the second leak about Google Games, there’s likely to be a press announcement soon enough.