Google Gesture Search For Android Gets Updated To Support Over 40 Languages

Posted Jun 12, 2013

Google has announced that they have updated their Gesture Search app for Android.  The Gesture Search app now supports over 40 languages.  The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

The Gesture Search app lets you use your own handwriting and gestures for searching on Android phones or tablets instead of using the keyboard. You can draw a number or letter to access your contacts, apps, music, settings, etc by swiping your finger on the screen.

The app also supports transliteration, which means that you can use a letter from one language to another.  This includes the Pinyin character support for Chinese.  “For example, you can write [arhus] for [Århus],” said Google on their Google+ page.  This can be useful for writing text messages or chatting with relatives overseas.

Google released the Gesture Search app on Android in March 2010 and it has been evolving ever since.