Google+ Gets A Major Redesign, New Hangout Apps, and New Features

Posted May 15, 2013

At the Google I/O conference today Google announced an update to the Google+ social network in the form of a redesign.  Google+ seems to have design inspiration from Pinterest also.

Google+ has 41 new features including larger pictures and related hashtags.  Google+ now also has a multi-column layout.  The number of columns is based on the size of your screen at between one and three.  Photos and videos take up the entire width of the stream.  The share box, menus, and cards now animate as you interact with those design elements.

Messaging in Google+ is now richer and responsive with photos, emoji, and real-time activity indicators.  There is conversation history available in messaging now too.

Some of the other cool new features in Google+ are Auto Enhance and Auto Awesome.  Auto Enhance is a way to improve brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, noise, focus, and several other factors automatically.  Auto Awesome creates a brand new image based on a set of photos in your library.  For example, if you upload a sequence of photos, Google will try to animate them automatically.

If you upload family portraits, Google+ will find everyone’s best smile and stitch them together into a single shot.

Google+ Hangouts have also launched on Google Play, the App Store, and the Chrome Web Store.