Man enters a theater wearing Google Glass, gets pulled out by Homeland Security

Posted Jan 22, 2014

A man entered a theater wearing Google Glass and then he ended up getting questioned by the Department of Homeland Security due to suspicions of piracy. The man lives in Ohio and has not been identified. He was reportedly watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit at an AMC theater. He was wearing Google Glass because it had prescription lenses. He left the device turned off the whole time and it was the third time he wore them at a theater.

“What followed was over an hour of the ‘feds’ telling me I am not under arrest, and that this is a ‘voluntary intervie’, but if I choose not to cooperate bad things may happen to me (is it legal for authorities to threaten people like that?). I kept telling them that Glass has a USB port and not only did I allow them, I actually insist they connect to it and see that there was nothing but personal photos with my wife and my dog on it. I also insisted they look at my phone too and clear things out, but they wanted to talk first. They wanted to know who I am, where I live, where I work, how much I?m making, how many computers I have at home, why am I recording the movie, who am I going to give the recording to, why don?t I just give up the guy up the chain, ?cause they are not interested in me. Over and over and over again,” wrote the man in a blog post on

The man said that his Google Glass was off and they insisted that it was on. He told them that there would be a light coming out of the screen if Glass was on. He offered to show them, but they said no out of fear of losing the evidence. They asked him where he got Glass from and how he came by having it. He said that he applied “about 1000 times” to get in the Explorer program and was eventually selected. He offered to show them the receipt and Google Glass website. They even asked him how much Google is paying him, who is boss is, and why he was recording the movie. He insisted that he was not recording the movie. Eventually somebody came with a laptop and USB cable and said that it was his last chance to come clean. All they found was his personal photos. After about 5 minutes, they concluded that he did nothing wrong.

A man identified himself as Bob Hope with the Movie Association and he said that they had problems with piracy at that specific theater and that specific movie. “All he said was AMC called him, and he called the FBI and ‘here are two more passes for my troubles’. I would have been fine with ‘I?m sorry this happened, please accept our apologies’. Four free passes just infuriated me.” It was 11:27PM when this happened and the movie started at 7:45PM.

Instead of pursuing a lawsuit against the movie theater, he decided to tell his story on the Internet to warn others. “I guess until people get more familiar with Google Glass and understand what they are, one should not wear them to the movies. I wish they would have said something before I went to the movies, but it may be my mistake for assuming that if I went and watched movies two times wearing Glass with no incident the third time there won?t be any incident either.”