Google Group Product Manager Dave Fall Leaves For Clickable

Posted Aug 7, 2009

Dave Fall was the VP of Product Management and Search Technology at DoubleClick Inc. After Google bought out DoubleClick, Fall became the Group Product Manager of Search Engine Marketing at the search engine company. Fall worked at DoubleClick for four years and Google for a year and a half. Now Fall has joined Clickable, a PPC and SEM company as the SVP of Product and Operations.

“Dave is an extraordinary leader who mobilizes large, talented teams to innovate and build world-class advertising solutions,” stated David S. Kidder, the Clickable co-founder and CEO. “His rare mix of technical, advertising, sales and operations expertise directly contributed to DoubleClick and Google?s success. We?re delighted that Dave will help lead the next chapter of our growth as the preeminent platform to help advertisers profit simply.”

Fall plans to have Clickable services integrated with social networks and plans to help take the company international. Fall believes that Clickable should target SMBs and give them access to services like Baidu and Yahoo! Japan through APIs.

[via MediaPost/BusinessInsider]