Google changes in-app purchase billing policy

Posted Mar 17, 2014

Sometimes children inadvertently buy a lot of virtual goods, racking up their parent’s credit card bills. Generally there is a 30-minute window after the first in-app purchase is made. Recently Google was sued by a mother whose son spent $66 without her knowledge. Google has now changed the way that in-app purchases are handled.


An update of the Google Play Store will be rolled out soon. Users can choose whether to retain the 30-minute window or ask for a password every time an in-app purchase is requested. 

Apple made similar changes recently over the way in-app purchases are made. iTunes account holders are sent a notification that a 15-minute window has been opened after making a purchase. However, the user has the option to close the 15-minute window altogether. The FTC ordered Apple to make the change this month after settling a complaint and asking the Cupertino giant to pay a $32.5 million fine.

[Source: UberGizmo]