Google Inc (GOOG) donates $6.8 million to fund free rides for youth in San Francisco

Posted Feb 27, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) employees recently had to deal with widespread protests over the use of public transit infrastructure used by tech companies. Google is going to fund two years of free transit rides for the youth in San Francisco.


The $6.8 million grant is one of the largest private donations in the history of the city. It will fund the Free Muni for Low Income Youth program. The cost of this program was previously funded by the city. Over 31,000 low-income youth (ages 5-17) took advantage of this program since it started a year ago.

The donation was provided one month after Google and other tech companies agreed to pay for their use of public bus stops for transporting workers to and from campuses in private shuttles. The shuttles have been symbolized as the rising inequality in the Bay Area. The cost of real estate has been skyrocketing in order to profit from affluent tech workers.

“With this unprecedented gift from Google, we can keep this successful pilot program running for at least two more years at no cost to taxpayers or Muni riders and free up critical funds for other vital Muni maintenance and services,” stated San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

[Source: TheVerge]