Google Inc (GOOG) has launched an add-on store for Google Docs and Sheets

Posted Mar 11, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has launched separate add-on stores for Google Docs and Sheets. The add-ons can be access by clicking on “Get add-ons” in the Add-ons menu of any doc or spreadsheet. The add-ons in the stores are created by developer partners. After an add-on is installed, it will become available across all documents or spreadsheets.

The add-ons are powered by Google Apps Script, which means that the server-side JavaScript platform with almost no startup time. The add-ons are in preview right now, but the APIs and tools are available for everyone. Developers can build prototypes for Docs or Sheets and then apply to publish them.

The add-ons in the store look and feel like the native features of Google Docs and Sheets. Google provides a CSS package that applies standard Google styles to typography, buttons, and other elements.
[Source: TNW]