Google Inc (GOOG) is going to lease NASA Hangar One

Posted Feb 11, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is going to start leasing the airfield that houses Hangar One, which is an eight-acre aircraft hangar that was built in 1933 for housing large aircrafts. Google subsidiary Planetary Ventures LLC was chosen to take over the hangar, which is visible from Highway 101 in Silicon Valley. Planetary will operate the Moffett Federal Airfield, which is used for private jets owned by Google executives.

This deal is still being negotiated, but this would be a way for NASA to earn some extra cash for a property that has been neglected for around 20 years. Google already leases over 40 acres of NASA Ames space for building a 1.2 million square foot research-and-development facility. Google and NASA are also collaborating on the world’s first quantum computer at Ames.

Google’s new lease with Ames gives the search giant access to three new hangars and 90,000 square feet of NASA buildings. According to Wired, NASA took over Hangar One in 1994. However, NASA discovered toxic PCBs in the hangar in 1997. The space agency mothballed the hangar and it has been off-limits to humans since then.

Google will fix up Hangar One and rehabilitate two other Moffett Field hangars. Google will also build an on-site educational facility and upgrade NASA’s golf course. The lease will enable NASA to focus their resources on core missions and protect the federal need to use Moffett Field as a “limited-use airfield.”

?We are delighted to move ahead in the selection process and we look forward to working with both GSA and NASA to preserve the heritage of Moffett Federal Airfield,? said Google in a statement sent to Wired.

[Source: Wired]