Google Inc (GOOG) is testing the ability to track purchases in retail stores

Posted Apr 15, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) wants ad buyers to have confidence that it is seeing a return on investment. Google is testing the ability to track purchases that people make at brick-and-mortar stores after clicking a Google search ad for a store or product.


To determine the return on investment, Google is partnering with data collection companies like Acxiom and DataLogix. These two companies track what customers are buying when they use their loyalty rewards cards or redeems them with marketing offers.

This consumer data is anonymous and Google can determine how many products were purchased by people that click on a given ad and how much more those people spent than consumers that did not.

The test run will involve around six advertisers at launch, including Michaels retail stores. Google generates a majority of its revenues from ad sales so it takes this kind of project very seriously.