Google Inc (GOOG) Launches Estimated Total Conversions For AdWords

Posted Oct 1, 2013

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has launched a new tool that will help people gain an accurate picture of how their online advertising drives conversions.  Conversions from advertising can lead to store visits, phone calls, app downloads, online sales, etc.  By getting a better picture of purchase paths, it can help you optimize online advertising and allocate budgets.

This is why Google launched the Estimated Total Conversions for search ads on  This tool will use login data to determine how many people have bought a product after seeing an ad from a Google search.

“We always knew our online ad investment was influencing conversions across devices, but we didn’t know how to begin estimating these numbers. Once we saw that 5.3% more conversions could be attributed to cross-device conversions in AdWords, we knew we could more accurately calculate the value we were receiving from each ad click.  We also learned that mobile ads are driving 16% more conversions than we thought, so we are now investing more into this channel to gain more sales,? stated American Apparel marketing manager Sean Singleton.

The Estimated Cross-Device Conversion is the first new conversion type to launch as part of Estimated Total Conversions.  Cross-device conversions start as a click on a search ad on on one device and end as a conversion on another device.

[Image Credit: Google]