Google Inc (GOOG) offers Fiber expansion in Kansas City

Posted Mar 11, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is offering to launch 158 new “Fiberhoods” across Kansas City, Grandview, Raytown and Gladstone. Google Fiber offers a connection of around 1Gbps with an Internet and TV service option. Google has started to accept sign-ups for residents in northern and southern Kansas City along with neighborhoods that failed to qualify before.

By registering your interest, it will not guarantee network availability. There is a deadline for each area so residents will need to get support from the community to qualify for the roll-out. The quota deadline is April 10th for the first 73 fiberhoods in south Kansas City, Grandview, and Raytown.

This will be followed by a May 15th deadline for 33 fiberhoods in northwest Kansas City and a June 19th deadline for 52 fiberhoods in Gladstone and northeast Kansas City. Google is going to reopen registrations for the 21 fiberhoods in central Kansas City that did not qualify last time and will have until June 19th.

If the deadlines are met, Google will roll out Google Fiber to each fiberhood a few weeks after each of the deadlines and would be fully connected before the end of the year.

[Source: Google Fiber Blog]