Google Inc (GOOG) partners with Yandex NV (YNDX) in mutual ad deal

Posted Feb 26, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has partnered with Russian search engine Yandex NV (NASDAQ:YNDX) as part of a reciprocal advertising deal. Yandex is often called “Russia’s Google.” Yandex has teamed up with Google so that their advertising clients can access each other’s networks. The agreement is expected to increase advertising inventory available to the customers of both companies.

Google’s DoubleClick clients can access the advertising inventory offered by publishers in the Yandex Advertising Network and vice-versa. Yandex’s clients can bid for ad displays in the global inventory of DoubleClick AdExchange. Both of these systems use real-time bidding technology.

This deal applies to display advertising and does not cover text-based contextual advertising. Yandex and Google are currently working on the technical stages of the project and it should be rolled out soon.

[Source: Yandex Press/TNW]