Google Inc (GOOG) To Find Out If EU Case Is Settled Within Weeks

Posted Sep 13, 2013

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) will be finding out in a several weeks whether an offer that they made to European Union antitrust regulators is enough for a settlement.  The European Union has been probing Google over the last three years to determine whether their search engine is fair.

?This investigation started in November 2010, it has been difficult,? stated Competition Commission Joaquin Almunia at a conference in Italy, as quoted by Bloomberg.  ?It?s important but it cannot be prolonged forever, so we are now in the decisive weeks.?

The European Union will either accept Google’s settlement offer or they will have to file a formal complaint.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) sent a new proposal to address the competition concerns.  This past April, Google made an offer to label their branded search services and show links to rival search services.  The European Union rejected that offer as insufficient.

Al Verney, a Google spokesman, said that the new proposal to the European Commission addresses the organization’s area of concern.

Microsoft Corporation is one of Google’s rivals that are pushing the investigation.  The European Union has been asked by Microsoft to gain more concessions from Google.  Google’s competitors and users are able to review the remedies and they are asking the European Commission to market test the solution.

Some of the complaints against Google is that they promote their own specialist services like Google News and Google Finance.  Google has also been accused of copying travel and restaurant review services.  The competitors also believe that Google has agreements with websites and developers that stifles competition in the advertising industry.