Google Increases Reward Size For Chromium Vulnerability Program

Posted Aug 18, 2013

Google has increased the award size for bug bounties for the Chromium Vulnerability Rewards program to $5,000.  This is up from $1,000.  Google has a Security Hall of Fame list for helping make Chromium safer.

“In many cases, this will be a 5x increase in reward level! We’ll issue higher rewards for bugs we believe present a more significant threat to user safety, and when the researcher provides an accurate analysis of exploitability and severity,” said Google in a blog post.

Google has three types of bug rewards, which includes the Chromium Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP), Web VRP, and the CanSecWest Pwnium contest.  Google has paid out $2 million across these programs.

This is the second time that Google increased money offer for detecting flaws in the Chromium system.  The last time the bounty was increased was in June.