Google Insights For Search Can Be Used For Marketing Horsepower

Posted Aug 6, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has launched a new service called Google Insights For Search.  Google has made it easier for marketers to learn the trends about what keywords are being searched for the most right now.  The ability to monitor these trends can be filtered by cities, states, nations, regions, related searches, and rising searches that are relevant to the search term. 

Google Insights for Search is a spin-off from Google Trends. 

“The tool is aimed primarily at marketers, who may use it to devise and track advertising campaigns,” stated Miguel Helft of The New York Times. “A car company, for instance, could experiment with different versions of a television ad in Cleveland and Columbus, and check the number of resulting searches in each city to see which one is more effective.”

Below is a screen shot of Google Insights for Search.  I just did a search on “celebrities.”

Google is telling me that most of the searches on celebrities take place the most in Nepal, Pakistan, Greece, India, and the Philippines.  Some of the rising searches include skating with celebrities, busted celebrities, skinny celebrities, celebrities babies, etc.  So if I run a celebrity blog like TMZ or Defamer, then I would know what to focus on more from a search engine optimization standpoint. 

It is actually quite admirable of Google to make search trends transparent and for free.  I could imagine they could charge a hefty sum to have access to the service. 

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