Google Integrates Google+ Into Their Job Listings and Applications

Posted Jan 22, 2013

Google currently has around 60,000 full-time employees and many contractors in their staff.  In an interview with Wired, Google CEO Larry Page said that he dreams of the company hitting around a million employees.  “We’re a medium-size company in terms of employee count. We have tens of thousands of employees. There are organizations out there that have millions of employees. That?s a factor of a hundred, basically. So imagine what we could do if we had a hundred times as many employees,” said Page in the interview.  Now Google+ will be integrated into the company’s jobs board.  Google+ users will be able to see relevant search results and star jobs that they want to revisit.  These users will also receive curated e-mail updates.

I believe that this is a great start for Google+ to be used as job hunting tool, but it would be awesome to see it provide listings for other companies.  LinkedIn is a great tool for that, but Google+ entering that market would be awesome.  Users that search for a job at Google from the jobs board will see a new search results page that highlights Google+.  If you are already signed in with Google+, you will see a blue bar on the top to connect the two services.  Based on the information that you have inputted in your Google+ account, you will see tailored results around your interests.  Your connections on Google+ will show on the right-hand side of the website based on what you have searched for.

Each listing on the jobs board has a share button and the ability to get e-mail updates.  When you click on a job posting, there is an option to apply to the job by clicking on “Apply Now.”

[Source: Google Plus Daily]