Google+ Introducing a Business Profile Test Group in Two Weeks

Posted Jul 8, 2011

Google+ will have business pages in about two weeks, according to an interview Ad Age conducted with Google’s Chrisitan Oestlien. The interview reveals more about the project, including exceptions to yesterday’s statement that all businesses currently running on personal Google+ pages would be shut down. Companies like Ford, who have quickly adopted the Google+ platform and already have an active community interaction on the network, get to keep their pages and will be part of the initial test group.

Google has already received thousands of applications for business pages, from the application form Google released yesterday.  Companies like Ford (which has a Google+ page) and Dell (no page yet) have been hosting hangouts with consumers, videochats that connect companies with the Google+ users. These companies and others, including MTV, Mashable and some European charities, will be allowed to continue using the service, but the Google policy team is actively shutting down other profiles that will have to wait for the official business options.

Oestlien told Ad Age that applications for business profiles will be open until some time “early next week,” and that a few hundred companies will be part of the test phase.