Google Invests $1 Million In Human-Pedaling Monorail Company Shweeb

Posted Sep 27, 2010

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has invested $1 million in a human-powered monorail transportation system company called Shweeb. The investment was made through Google’s Project 10^100 initiative.

Shweeb’s concept monorail system has humans pedaling around a track that is about 20 feet above the ground. It was originally tested at an amusement park in New Zealand where two racers would compete against each other after paying $35.

Google wants to see this being tested in an urban setting. Shweeb has not yet announced the location for its first transit system. It could even be at Google’s Mountain View campus.

The nice thing about Shweeb is that it does not require fossil fuels to power the system and people get exercise as they travel. The pedals in the pods are similar to that of recumbent bikes.