Google Is Being Investigated By European Union Over Search Discrimination

Posted Nov 30, 2010

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is being investigated by the European Union for discriminating against competing services in their search results. The EU is looking into whether Google AdSense contracts also prevent publishers from making deals to place ads from other services on their websites. And the EU is also looking into whether Google limits advertisers moving key search terms from AdWords to another service.

Google said that they cannot prevent contracts from “choosing other search providers.” Google stopped exclusive terms for non-online contracts almost to two years ago. And advertisers can export ad campaigns to other platforms.

“We are always clear when we have been paid for promoting a product or service. Before we launched Google, many search engines took money for inclusion in their results without making that clear to users. We have never done that and we always distinguished advertising content from our organic search results. As we experiment with new ad formats and types of content, we promise to continue to be transparent about payments,” stated Google SVP of Product Management Susan Wojcicki and VP of Engineering Udi Manber in a blog post.