Google is getting sued for in-app purchases

Posted Mar 12, 2014

There is a woman in New York whose kid bought $65.95 worth of digital crystals in a video game called “Marvel Run Jump Smash!” Now she has filed a lawsuit on behalf of parents across the U.S. and claims that the Google Play store is full of games that tricks kids into spending money.

The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco. Google is being accused of unjust enrichment and violating consumer protection laws. Google users typically enter a password to make a purchase, but the password is not requested again during a 30-minute “window” after the purchase is made. This allows children to make additional purchases.

Apple dealt with a similar lawsuit and paid $5 million to settle the case in 2013. Apple also paid a related $32.5 million fine this year.

Apple blocked the 15-minute window to make purchases without having to enter a password following the case. The mother that filed the lawsuit said that Google’s 30-minute window is still open.

[Source: GigaOM]